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Educate yourself before purchasing a puppy!

We place puppies from our litters in both pet and show homes. We also keep show prospects for our own showing. Our pet home contracts require all pet homes to spay or neuter their puppies at the appropriate time. The optimal age for spaying and neutering is a hotly debated topic. We refer you to your veterinarian and to various articles on this topic: Vet Med Today: Reference Point, Determining the optimal age for gonadectomy of dogs and cats, JAVMA, Vol. 231, No. 11, December 1, 2007, and Hovan, Rhonda, Perspectives, Deciding Whether and When to Neuter a Golden Retriever, GR News, September-October 2009.

We require a deposit be put down to reserve a puppy from one of our litters. We also require a questionnaire be completed prior to or at the time of inquiring about one of our puppies. Our contracts require that if for any reason you are not able to keep your puppy, regardless of age, that we have the right to have the puppy returned to us without refund. We guarantee that any puppy placed has no inherited defects relating to the heart, dysplastic hips or elbows and eye cataracts. You should know that pigmentary uveitis, an eye disease, is an emerging concern in Goldens. See more about this and other health concerns at www.grca.org/health/health-concerns.html. We also guarantee a GSP puppy will not carry Cone Degeneration Disease (CD).

We urge you to research and investigate the breeder from which you decide to purchase a puppy. We do not support puppy mills or pet stores that sell puppies. We also do not support breeders who do not follow the Code of Ethics for its breed. Any breeder that you contact should be able to explain in detail the health issues and clearances with which each of the parents of their litter has. We refer you to the Codes of Ethics for each breed for what the parent club of the breed requires in breeding litters. We also refer you to Canine Health Information Center (CHIC) (www.caninehealthinfo.org) to research the parents' clearances for the puppy in which you are interested. CHIC works with parent clubs and provides a resource for breeders and owners of purebred dogs to research and maintain information on the health issues prevalent in specific breeds.

"Stella" (at age 10) shows her grandkids the pool!

Educate yourself before you purchase a puppy. The GRCA Website is an excellent resource for information.

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AKC Registered Puppies From Champion Golden Retrievers and Pedigrees!
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Alliebeck Goldens
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  • Percy wins Best of Breed in Glen Rose to start 2016 off.
  • Diamond Golden Retriever Foundation's Top Twenty Winner.
Why Alliebeck Goldens

The best source of a healthy, well-socialized puppy is a conscientious breeder with a long-term commitment to the breed and a reputation to uphold.
                                     – GRCA

  • Committed since our first Golden show dog, Highmark's Amelia Airheart, 1993
  • Over 75 years combined working, loving and living with Goldens
  • Puppies from generations of long established, reputable bloodlines
  • Health clearances for more than 5 generations
  • Versatility and performance, with real-life hunting ability, natural retrieving instinct and drive
  • Dedication to correct temperament
  • Dedication to increased longevity
  • Guarantees against inherited defects
  • Annual contributors to the Golden Retriever Foundation
  • Volunteers, Officers and Directors of local breed and kennel clubs
  • Strict adherence to the GRCA and GSPCA Codes of Ethics

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